APAD DAY 37 ATM Asshole

Is there such a thing as Atm etiquette?

Let me be more specific. Is there etiquette to be used when using a drive up atm? (I’m willing to bet your mind immediately flashed to the jackass that spends 20 minutes at the atm while you are trying to make your 5 second transaction on your lunch break or while racing to another appointment.) If it didn’t, you are among the lucky ones.

Today I was accidentally that asshole.

As I went to enter the line for the ATM, I realized that 1. I forgot to sign a check I was depositing and 2. it was made out to my maiden name and would require 2 signatures (maiden and married) and 3. Where the fuck is the pen?!?! Shit! I tried to move my car to the right of the actual line so that I wasn’t “actually in line”, but there was no where to go. I said “SORRY”, to no one in particular and continued to look for a pen. I put my hazards on hoping anyone that wanted to get in line behind me would feel free to go around. Ok I found the pen, signed the check and proceeded to actually get in line. I HOPED the fact that I did this in front of the two cars that were ‘kind of’ behind me didn’t make me still the asshole. But there really was no hope. :/

The atm machine may be the slowest machine I have ever used. (I pushed the button and it took 30 seconds or more to respond) Now there definitely was a line. Next were the new rules on the atm that said I could only deposit 30 items at one time (I had 32) so that would make me start the whole deposit process over again….smh Did that mean I should be courteous and leave the line to go to the rear since I was taking so long? I don’t know, what are the Rules?

My rant is just that, a rant. NO I don’t think there should be MORE RULES or laws, but there should be ‘etiquette’ and people should take a minute to think about how their behavior could be affecting others. It just might make the world a better place.

So I’m back to the question is there etiquette for using a drive up ATM? For me personally, I that any signing etc should be completed before you even THINK about getting in line. I also feel that if you know you have several transactions, try to break them up into smaller ones or use the ATM at a not peak time. Again that’s just me.

In your opinion what is the proper procedure?

I did end up pulling away to complete the other transaction on another day. I took the featured picture today while no one was around to illustrate where I was actually parked yesterday.


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