APAD Day 45 Maybe I’m hammered?

I wrote the following paragraph (not this one) while I was at the same hospital my mom is currently at. I was ‘drugged’ on xanax to get into that dreaded MRI tube and I was worried that I would be sleeping for the rest of the day. So I thought I should write something just in case. I was also trying NOT to sneak upstairs (although my mind was arguing that it was a good idea)

Today was mri number 5879…maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but at the rate of 4 a year..they do add up. I only took one Xanax today which is huge for me. Now I’m waiting on the disk. My mom is in the same hospital but on a different floor. I’m not sure if the drug is giving me courage to attempt to sneak up to her room or if it’s why even standing up feels like so much work I’m still sitting in the chair waiting on the disk. The longer this takes the more I want to bolt. I could always blame the drugs right?…I wonder if I would be as fast on my feet (with my words) while drugged though….now I want to test it…lol…..5 more minutes then I go?

I don’t think I waited 5 minutes, I went to the desk asked for the disk again figuring if they didn’t have it I would be back tomorrow to pick it up. Yay they had it. Einstein was waiting for me in the car with lunch and we came home.

After I felt a little “less fuzzy” I talked to the case manager at the hospital about my mom’s transfer to a rehab facility. Actually I just asked her NOT to do it today, because I couldn’t be there. If all goes well, they will let me ride with her in the ambulance to the new facility and that will be tomorrow……? Fingers crossed.

I can tell you one thing for sure, I don’t think I’m ‘stoned’ anymore, but I really don’t have a care in the world at the moment.

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