Off to see Another Wizard

I want to write about today’s adventure while it’s still fresh in my head, but I am also exhausted from the all the anxiety I caused myself today. As I mentioned yesterday, I had an appointment with a new neurologist today. Of the 10 neurologists that I have met in my life I have disliked 8 out of 10 of them. It’s taken me 3 months to get in to see this new one, and I had to drive an hour and a half to get there…. Recipe for anxiety. I will write about all that drama and why I need a new neurologist at another time. So about today…

I woke up like a big girl at 6 am and headed out to have a pot of coffee on the deck and watch the dogs play. I had set out all of my medical records, list of questions, etc last night. The rollator walker was in the car, as was my Stick, so I was prepared. I threw on yesterdays clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, brushed my teeth, and left the house by 7:30.

The traffic heading north into Wisconsin was NOTHING like going Southeast into Chicago to see the last neurologist. I was even able to make a quick detour from the highway to use the restroom and get back on the highway in under 10 minutes. (Unheard of when heading into Chicago) The Google maps app was pretty accurate and I was able to arrive 15 minutes early as I hoped I would.

Since I had no idea where I was going once I got there, I decided to use Valet parking to save time. Or so I thought.

I followed the signs for Valet, and was blocked by a bar with a machine next to it. (like for a parking garage) I’m familiar with the concept, but haven’t used one in a long time. There was sign on the machine that said push button for help. OK, I NEED HELP, but I don’t see a button. I waved my arms in front of it thinking maybe it was motion activated then pushed all over the machine until finally a ticket/card popped out and the gate lifted. BUT I thought the signs said Valet?!?!?!

I’ve only used Valet parking a handful of times in my life, but I recall pulling into a section marked valet, and someone with a yellow or orange vest coming up to me taking my keys and giving me a ticket to claim my vehicle. This was not at all like that. SMH As I pulled away from the gate, I continued to follow signs for valet.

Finally I found the guy with the yellow vest. I put my car into park, rolled down my window, and asked if he wanted me to turn the car off or leave it on. Should I just hand him the keys or leave them in the car? He responded, “I don’t need your keys, we don’t get in your car anymore.” HUH?

I repeated Huh?

He said, “Pull up behind this guy. When someone in a golf cart pulls up, follow him into the parking garage, and then he will give you a ride back up here.”

IF you say so……

A few minutes later, a man did pull up in a golf cart and instructed the three cars that were waiting in line to follow him. We did. We parked our own cars, and then loaded into a golf cart with my walker strapped to the back. He dropped us back off where we started at the front of the hospital. I guess that’s one way to do it, but new to me and not as quick as I hoped.

I told the driver that I had never been here before and asked if he knew how to find the MS Clinic. “Go through those doors, down a long hall and you will run into someone. Be sure to give him your ticket.” was his response. Okay then? lol smh I’m glad I arrived early.

Once inside the hospital, I peeked my head inside an office and asked again where I might find registration. “Keep going this direction, it’s not too much further.”

At the first desk I came to, I pulled the ticket out of my pocket saying, “I’m supposed to give this to you I think.” He quickly asked if this was my first time here. I’m sure it was very obvious that it was.

He handed my ticket back to me saying that it was all paid. ( I didn’t pay for it, but ok)

He also gave me this map telling me ” follow signs for H, then you will see a carpeted area, pass the psych department ( you don’t want that) and continue following signs to K, but first you have to go to registration behind you.

I worried that I missed half of what he said so I borrowed his pen and drew a line and wrote not psych.

At the registration hub there were several desks with people seated behind them. Each desk had a number over it with a lighted green or red circle around it indicating whether or not you could approach. There was a large sign indicating the same and for redundancy a person standing behind a podium telling you the same thing the sign said. SMH again.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, I think everything in the medical field is more complicated than it should be. The podium girl directed me to number 6, the one desk no one was seated at. After waiting for 5 minutes, I was able to make eye contact with podium girl and mouth, “There is no one here”. She apologized and told me to go to “3”. Did I mention I was really glad I WAS early? Maybe I would still be on time at least?

Number 3, had me sign the black box machine a couple of times assuring me that I wasn’t giving up my first born child, and sent me on to the area marked K. “Thank you, I have a map” As I was approaching H for neuropsychology, I wondered if I shouldn’t stop there also….. one stop shopping? No, no Grace keep going. BTW the map is incredibly deceptive. The halls are long as fuck and don’t mention that there are 20 offices between H and K.

Finally I got to the area marked K……. and ANOTHER check in Desk. literally LOL and SMH

I think I have reached my limit of writing for the day. I did meet the new neurologist. So far, I like her a lot. I have a lot of information and a new diagnosis to process though. It has been a LONG DAY.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading and commenting. I really do look forward to the interaction.


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