About Me

Who am I?

Hmmm that’s a really good question.  When I figure that out I will let you know.  (maybe in 20 or 30 more years?)    I can however, share some of my characteristics and experiences with you.


I am 47 years old, I think.  I was born in 1973, it’s currently 2020, yes that makes me 47.  I have two strong, independent, intelligent, and beautiful biological daughters in their 20’s, that are in happy and healthy relationships, but I honestly, can’t keep track of the number of people, both young and old that have “adopted” me over the years, or that I have taken in.  I will comment on that more at another time.  I am also a GMA to two wonderful twin grandsons.

On the Outside

picture of grace fullnot
Grace Fullnot

This week, and for most of my life, I have blonde hair.  (Well mostly blonde.)  The upper layers are blonde and grey, while the lower layers are a mixture of brown and black.  I have, however; had Crayon Red, Jet Black, and various other hair colors.  I weigh 151.3lbs and I’m 5’6”.  I currently have no broken bones, but it is early in the day and you never know what wall might jump in front of me, or imaginary obstacle I will trip on. I have lots of scars, some stretch marks, and a few tattoos.  I have terrible balance, and gait.  Basically, I look like I am drunk when I walk, and like a cat that is being forced into a tub when I am just trying to stand still.

On the Inside

empathetic emojis

If I had to choose just one word, it would be empathetic.  Thankfully, I don’t have to choose just one word because the next word would be indecisive.  When it comes to my life, I am my own worst enemy.  I often lack self- confidence, patience, and always play devil’s advocate overthinking EVERYTHING.  When it comes to other people though, I am very optimistic, always trying to find the good in others, and reminding them that things could always be worse.

My past

I had my oldest daughter 6 days after I turned 18.  I worked 3 jobs while putting myself through college.  I had my youngest daughter 7 days after I turned 24 , both of which I raised as a single parent for most of their lives.  Fortunately, I also had an enormous amount of support from my parents. For my 26th Birthday, I was “blessed/ cursed” with Multiple Sclerosis. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and had a hysterectomy.  As of a year ago, I have had 54 surgeries/procedures requiring anesthesia.  I have been married and divorced.  I am no longer able to work outside of my home since I am now a professional patient.

Also “on the books” somewhere it says I have: Gastroparesis, a Hiatal Hernia, Von Willebrand’s disease, Bladder and Bowel Incontinence, Panic Attacks, and Osteopenia.  Oh yeah and I have also been  diagnosed with Depression, and later Bipolar Depression.  Hmmmm I have to wonder here, did the chicken or the egg come first?

In spite of all of the “labels” I have been given, I still wake up every day and try to make the most of it.

you only die once


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I adore you Grace. You make me want to be braver and stronger and better. You are real and open in ways that most people will never be. I know I am going to learn from you that it is ok to shed some skin and let everything that’s real come into the light. It is part of what makes you so beautiful!

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  2. Hi Grace, I’ve mosied on over here from Tom’s blog and you’re just as he described. I can already sense your courageous and inspiring spirit through this one page. Look forward to reading more. Cheers from another girl and her dog down under. 🙂

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      1. I have an Australian terrier cross shelter. He was a shelter dog when he came into our life. We’ve had him nearly twelve years now and he’s my scruffy adorable best pal.🙂

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  3. Hey there! I got here via mydangblog. Sounds like you’ve been through some shit, I have too, different variety. Sounds like you have some good people around you and that is huge. I’ll be popping by to visit, no worries, I’ve got my own mug.

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