A post a day APAD Day 13 365 days of pictures

365 days of pictures

No I am not starting another challenge! I am taking a minute to appreciate a seemingly small gesture, that in fact is not small at all.

Several years ago, Thing One had an idea to post a random picture from her day everyday on her Facebook page. I absolutely loved it! They aren’t kidding when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I didn’t realize how much I looked forward to the pictures each day until I was trying to fall asleep one night and keep thinking maybe I had forgotten something. Was the stove on? Were the doors locked? And then I realized I was missing the “connection” I had with her each day through those pictures.

By the end of the year, after posting a picture every single day, she swore she would never do that again. It was just too much work to remember or to plan.

After my grandsons were born, Thing One had to be a stay at home mom. That first year was quite a change for her. Before having children she was always OUT, either working or hanging out with one of her many friends. And she was Crazy Organized. If you have children, you probably know that the first year is can be pretty rough. Organization can become a thing of the past. It’s also easy to “lose yourself” as you try to balance being a mother and well someone who is not a mother. In an effort to help her provide some “structure” (and for completely selfish reasons) , I suggested that she do a picture a day again. Not only would that let me be more involved without being more involved, but it could provide something consistent for her every day and she could actually SEE that she was still growing and hadn’t lost herself.

She chose to take and share a picture of the boys each day. Yay me!!!! (yes I downloaded and saved all of them) After doing it everyday for a year again, she was worn out. It had become WORK. I was sad to see her stop posting, but I get not adding more to an already full plate. She took the next year off from posting everyday. I really missed those pictures!!!!! But the really cool part is that I was not the only one. Friends and family constantly harrassed her to start posting again. (I didn’t say a word!!!!!)

She is posting again this year!!!!! and now you know where my idea to post everyday came from. I told myself that I would be showing her support (misery loves company?) and that I too could use a tiny bit of consistency in my life as well. LOL I’m only two weeks into the new year and there have been a couple moments that it has felt like work.

I need to do this FOR ME. I have let myself become so overwhelmed taking care of everyone else, that I have neglected myself both mentally and physically. I do enjoy writing, but even more I love that someone cares enough to listen to what I have to say. I love reading and responding to comments. So while posting something every day can become work, I am trying to focus on the positives. Getting up and showing up every day!

Thank you for showing up too!

A Post a day APAD Day 12 Can you help me?

“Can you help me”?

Don’t Answer that! It’s a trick question! At least for me it is. When someone, hell anyone, asks “Can you help me?” In all of two seconds I respond, “sure” or “probably”. What they don’t ask and I don’t ask myself is, “Do I want to?”. I really need to learn to start saying, “No”.

I absolutely HATE asking for help. It’s probably more that I hate NEEDING help, but either way I hate it. So when someone asks me for help, I automatically feel that it must have taken them alot to ask me and I pretty much automatically respond “Yes”.

Just say no

Grace just say no.

Grace just say no.

Do you think it will help?

A post a day APAD Day 11 Putting the kids (my parents) on the bus for the first time

The county I live in has this wonderful transportation service that provides Bus rides to all residents of the County regardless of age. Door-to-door service and connections with other transportation services are available.  Donations are accepted for those age 60+ and low-cost for everyone else.  Drivers will assist riders over 60 and those with disabilities by unloading groceries and carrying to the door.

I think I mentioned before that my mom has dementia, but I don’t think I have ever mentioned that she had polio as a child and as a result has always walked with a brace or a cane. She falls alot and hasn’t been able to climb stairs for many years. My father is losing his eyesight, and while he is still legally able to drive I don’t believe that will be the case for much longer. When I was in the wheelchair a couple of years ago, I needed to use this service to get to and from my infusion etc. When you live in the boondocks like me, owning a vehicle is a must. Even physically fit people don’t walk to the store or out for dinner etc. There are no bus lines, taxis, or trains in the country.

My parents and I were supposed to take the bus to a senior center last week. Last minute circumstances prevented them from riding the bus with me to the center, but I did and they met me there. This week they rode the bus themselves!!!!! I was there to put them on the bus and answer all their questions, but they did it…and I was so proud I had to take a picture!

A post a Day (APAD) APAD Day 10 Squirreling

Oh, Look a squirrel!

As I Was looking for a picture of a school bus to use in a blog post, I got distracted when I saw an ad from a company that was selling them. This is an excerpt from the ad

Our entire inventory is available to you at your fingertips if you choose the Used Inventory tab at the top of the screen. Then, you can click on any of the links to your liking from the drop-down menu to start browsing. We even carry buses that are under $10,000 if you happen to be on a budget. As you’re looking around trying to find the one that will suit your needs, you will be able to see some photos as well as a brief description of the features that are included and how many miles it has on the odometer. Not just that, once you click on an image, you’re going to be taken to a page that shows a breakdown of all of its specs along with green score information and crash-test ratings.

THAT’S ME!!!! I’m on a budget!!!!

hmmm maybe I could sell my house for way more than it’s worth, buy a bus and live in that?!?? ( I mentioned I do feel like I live in my car) Since the temperatures are less than freezing in Illinois, now would be a perfect time for me to head back down to Florida for the Winter. I wouldn’t even have to rent a moving truck.

On second thought, maybe I don’t sell my house. I let my roommate have the whole house for the winter ( along with the bills) and I come back when Florida is too Hot during the summer. Maybe I’m on to something?!?!? These random thoughts continued for the next hour or so and eventually I ran out of the time I had allotted myself to write for the day.

One post a day… APAD Day 9 Gone but never forgotten

Remembering Snuff and D.O.G.

We purchased D.O.G in 2008. I was very depressed. My step daughter that I had been raising for the last 5 years decided to move across the country to live with her biological mother. I was in and out of the hospital having MS exacerbations every couple of months. I was in A. Bad. Place. Adding D.O.G. to our family was just what I needed. She was my constant companion or copilot. The MS exacerbations continued to occur every two or three months finally landing me in a wheelchair almost full time and having to use a Foley catheter. Again, I. was. DEPRESSED. I was put in a rehabilitation center for 3 months to learn how to walk again. (That is another story though) D.O.G. also became very depressed. She would not eat unless she could visit me or hear my voice on the phone. Did I mention co-dependent? My ex-husband and I decided to get a dog for D.O.G.

Buying a dog for your dog

Yes I bought a dog for my dog. I have always loved German Shepherds. They are hands down my favorite breed. A friend of the family’s German Shepherd had puppies and she said I could take my pick for $300.00. If you have ever purchased a purebred dog, you know that $300.00 is a hell of a deal. (more on that later) Thing One, Thing Two and I went to meet the puppies. Out of 12 of them we were all able to agree that Snuff was the one. The fact that we were all able to agree, MADE her the one. That and she kind of picked us.

Getting two dogs was one of the few Good Decisions that I have made in my life. Over the next few years I learned the importance of training your dogs to be “Good Citizens” or in Layman’s terms “not to be assholes”. Again that’s another story though.

Losing a pet is devastating

Snuff died in June of 2019

and I lost D.O.G. in January of 2021

I didn’t write a post about losing D.O.G. I COULDN’T write. I couldn’t sleep. I just couldn’t…well anything.

Both of these girls will always be in my heart!