APAD DAY 37 ATM Asshole

Is there such a thing as Atm etiquette?

Let me be more specific. Is there etiquette to be used when using a drive up atm? (I’m willing to bet your mind immediately flashed to the jackass that spends 20 minutes at the atm while you are trying to make your 5 second transaction on your lunch break or while racing to another appointment.) If it didn’t, you are among the lucky ones.

Today I was accidentally that asshole.

As I went to enter the line for the ATM, I realized that 1. I forgot to sign a check I was depositing and 2. it was made out to my maiden name and would require 2 signatures (maiden and married) and 3. Where the fuck is the pen?!?! Shit! I tried to move my car to the right of the actual line so that I wasn’t “actually in line”, but there was no where to go. I said “SORRY”, to no one in particular and continued to look for a pen. I put my hazards on hoping anyone that wanted to get in line behind me would feel free to go around. Ok I found the pen, signed the check and proceeded to actually get in line. I HOPED the fact that I did this in front of the two cars that were ‘kind of’ behind me didn’t make me still the asshole. But there really was no hope. :/

The atm machine may be the slowest machine I have ever used. (I pushed the button and it took 30 seconds or more to respond) Now there definitely was a line. Next were the new rules on the atm that said I could only deposit 30 items at one time (I had 32) so that would make me start the whole deposit process over again….smh Did that mean I should be courteous and leave the line to go to the rear since I was taking so long? I don’t know, what are the Rules?

My rant is just that, a rant. NO I don’t think there should be MORE RULES or laws, but there should be ‘etiquette’ and people should take a minute to think about how their behavior could be affecting others. It just might make the world a better place.

So I’m back to the question is there etiquette for using a drive up ATM? For me personally, I that any signing etc should be completed before you even THINK about getting in line. I also feel that if you know you have several transactions, try to break them up into smaller ones or use the ATM at a not peak time. Again that’s just me.

In your opinion what is the proper procedure?

I did end up pulling away to complete the other transaction on another day. I took the featured picture today while no one was around to illustrate where I was actually parked yesterday.


A Post a Day APAD Day 8- thrown under the bus

Thrown Under the Bus

Before you try to throw me under the bus, make sure you know who’s driving it. I have been thrown under the bus so many times, I have permanent tire tracks on my head, I’m sure of it.

Last year was a pretty rough year for me in many ways. At one point when I needed help I reached out to someone I normally would not have. I HATE asking for help, absolutely hate it. But there it is I did. As a result, when the person that helped me reached out to me asking for help, I felt obligated to help when normally I would not have gotten involved.

I got involved.

So I got involved. I took care of shit that H, should have handled on her own. A couple weeks later I get a call from T, her boyfriend, asking why I got involved. I responded, because “H asked me to”. She did?!?!? YES. I’m not surprised that H didn’t tell T. I am surprised and a little hurt that she tried to pin it all on me though. I guess oh well, my “debt” is paid. I didn’t do anything wrong, illegal, or unethical, I just got involved in something I normally wouldn’t and while I “fixed” the problem, trying to throw me under the bus created 100 new problems for them.

I know this post may seem a little cheesy, but I wanted to ” get it out of my head”, but I don’t need to throw someone under the bus to do it. I don’t need to air someone else dirty laundry, but I do need a reminder to continue to mind my own business. This is that reminder.

A Post a Day… APAD….Day Five …Just the facts

I woke up still tired this morning. (Even though I had gotten 8 hours of sleep the night before.) While I didn’t have a bad day today, I knew it was going to be long and it was. So all I have left to give tonight is just the facts.

I went to PT for an hour this morning. Afterwards, I immediately drove to pick up my parents in almost white out conditions. I had to take my Dad, which means both my parents, 2 hours into the city for an eye specialist appointment. Fortunately once we left the country visibility was much better in the city, but it was still cold AF. I hate winter….smh

We were going to be early so we stopped at Burger King to grab something quick. It was disgusting. I do like Burger King usually, though I don’t eat there much, but today…ugh. Different restaurant or the fact that I haven’t smoked for 4 days I’m not sure but again UGH.

We got to the Doctor’s office and I realized that I left my mask in MY car…. oppps. I tucked my face under my shirt and went in to ask if they had one. Debbie, the receptionist, ( yes we are on a first name basis now) handed me a mask while advising me that COVID guidelines had changed again….. Surprised? (I’m not, not even a little)…. Ok, What’s the deal today?” I asked. I was told that the waiting room was only open to patients. My dad could come in and sit, but my mother and I would have to wait in the hall or our car. Once they were done with all his testing though, they wanted me to come back in while he was speaking with the doctor…… :/ I answered, “Okay, call me when you are ready and I will come back”. BUT I THOUGHT…… “seriously I should sit in the hallway where 1000 people are going to have to walk right by me instead of a waiting room?!?!?!?” and I can come in to go a much smaller room with more people when the doctor is ready?!?!? How do people come up with this shit? I went out and relayed the info to my parents and my dad went in himself.

While I waited in the car with my mom for over an hour, I worried that when my youngest, Thing Two, has surgery tomorrow they might not let me in with her. Oh Fuck, I promised I would not leave her alone. This is her first time having surgery, while I have had over 50 of them, and she is scared shitless. Yes I said over 50. I stopped counting then. I called the hospital that she is having surgery at and they assured me that I will be able to come in with her. Ok. YAY!

I am really really trying not to worry about tomorrow, but believe it or not I would rather be the one on the table than to have to worry that something went wrong while she is under. My dog was spayed last week and the 5 hours between the time I dropped her off and got the call that everything went ok were pure hell.

Debbie called and said they were ready for me to come in. I did. They weren’t. They had me sit in the waiting room (yes the one I couldn’t be in an hour ago) with my Dad for 30 minutes until the doctor was ready. SMH

We met with the doctor for 30 minutes, made appointments for more testing and then started to 2 hour drive home. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I was met at the door by Einstein and both dogs. All of them started barking at me and demanding my attention. I have nothing left to give. I made a quick dinner, played with the dogs for 20 minutes, and tried to listen to Einstein tell me about his last day of work. I’m exhausted. I’m actually ready for bed, but won’t make it there for a few more hours I’m sure. and I’m also sure that I will wake up tired tomorrow and do it all again. Odds are 50/50 that covid guidelines will have changed again by the morning. It may be an adventure…who knows?

Isn’t it Ironic?….smh

Have you ever heard of the Link or EBT card or food stamps? Usually people receiving government benefits such as these have some kind of disadvantage that prevents them from earning enough money to live on. Examples might include a mental or physical disability. Lack of childcare etc. So why are the benefits so hard to use?

I’m not sure if I ever stated that I was on Social Security Disability before. (very limited income) This year with the increase in my medical expenses, I have qualified to not only receive financial assistance to help with those bills, but also have qualified for the link card.

Last weekend, I tried to complete an online order at Sam’s club as I have frequently done in the past. Pre-covid, the system was called Click and pull. The process was usually fairly easy and straightforward. You selected the items you wanted by placing them in your cart, and when finished you would select the date and time you would be picking up your items. When you arrived at the store, you would go to a special “click and pull” desk with your list, or confirmation code and your payment. Someone would then bring all of the items to the front of the store for you, and even help load your car. Win win right?

Why not THIS time?

I went online, selected my items and was directed to a new area called, “curbside pickup”. Okay. no biggie right? Well apparently it is a big deal. You must pay for your order before the club will pull it. OK, I get that, but WHY DON’T they take link online?!?!?!? If I need to use the link card I have to shop for myself, which kind of defeats the advantage of online shopping doesn’t it?

I even called the store to explain my problem and asked if I could pay for my groceries with my credit card, but switch the payment types at customer service when I picked up the food…… NOPE! As a side note, a good portion of the items I tried to purchase where eligible for FREE SHIPPING, but you also can not use the link card for shipped items?!?!?

Everywhere in the US is still encouraging social distancing. People that are immuno-compromised are supposed to avoid others even more. So WHY do I have to go in the store?

Am I the only one who sees the irony of this?

I feel like the system is designed “to keep a man down” more than to help them.

Enter the “How Grace-ful are you?” Contest

Grace-ful- knowledgeable about Grace Fullnot or msgracefulnot.com

On Saturday evening, I mentioned that there would be a contest today. In case you did not see the previous post, let me explain the terms here.

  1. Please do not post any answers to the questions until Sunday, September 6th between 9 and 3pm central time so that more people have a chance to enter.
  2. When answering a question, please include information as to where you found the answer (post name, guess, etc) *If you have the time, this part is not necessary to win.

Here are the questions:

  1. How old am I?
  2. Why did I select msgracefulnot as the name of my blog?
  3. How long have I had MS?
  4. What is the “address” of my advice to those diagnosed video?
  5. What is the name of the disease modifying drug I am on for Mulitple Sclerosis?
  6. How do I refer to my daughters in my blog? Can you tell me why?
  7. Which of those sweet little demons did I leave at the store?
  8. Name at least 3 places I have traveled to via plane in the last 2 years.
  9. How many times have I been in a boot for a broken foot? (this is a trick question, even I don’t know the answer)
  10. What is the most annoying symptom of MS that I deal with? Please list at least 2 treatments I have tried.
  11. Do you remember my German Shepherds name?
  12. One of my happiest memories from 2018?
  13. What do I call my significant other?
  14. What are my grandsons names?
  15. Do you remember how we met or how you found msgracefulnot.com?
  16. What is your favorite post that I have written?
  17. What 2 three letter words, or acronyms, internet slang do I use the most? Can you tell me what they mean?
  18. Bonus points if you share this post on social media, and share the location you posted to!!!!!!
  19. This is a “freebie”… If you are a blogger, can you create a post with links to past posts you that you have written that you feel would give a new reader a good sense of what your blog is about? If you do I will share the hell out of it….FREE ADVERTISING HERE!!!!
  20. If you are the winner, which rose would you like? With or without stem?

The winner will receive their choice one of the above pictured roses that I printed with my 3d printer mailed directly to their home or office. (more about 3d printing to come)

Thank you in advance for stopping by!