You’re doing what? With who? Where?

Phone conversation with Thing One:

Grace :  “While I am in Boston I am going to meet a couple of friends that live in the vicinity whom I met in the blogging world.”

Thing One:  “OK, mom, don’t forget the “proof of life” pictures.”

Grace: “you got it kiddo”

Friday, April 6, 2018

proof of life
Grace Fullnot….last seen wearing pic

Grace:  Good Morning kiddo

Thing One:  What’s wrong?

Grace:  Nothing, just sending you proof of life, Bill will be here in a few minutes to pick me up.

Thing One:  Why aren’t you smiling?

Grace:  Seriously?… Because I am freezing my ass off, and besides I wouldn’t be smiling if I was kidnapped 😛

Thing One:  I’m gonna need another picture

The things you do for your kids….

Grace:  Better?

Thing One: 😀

SMH….for those of you who don’t know…SMH is Shaking my head.  (I really do that A lot!)

narrow streets





Superman was supposed to pick me up by 10.  I’m expecting a little Honda Civic to pull up…. he tells me when he’s on his way that he will be driving a truck instead…..ummmm……. itty bitty roads….

“Let me know when you’re close, I might have to meet you on the corner?”

Before I knew it, ( early even ) there he was loading mine and my companions suitcases in the truck.   Bill and I were heading to Salem for the day, where we would be meeting Karyn and Steve after exploring Salem for a bit.  My traveling companions were going to Pax East at the Boston Convention Center, and we would meet up again at a new airbnb apartment near Salem for the night.

Superman Really Does Exist

To keep his identity a secret…this is the only picture of him I will post

Before we ever decided to meet in real life, Bill and I spent hours on the phone.  (not all at one time, though he did provide a big shoulder when I was struggling with Sara’s death) but we’ve talked about our illnesses, our common expression of saying, “are you really sure you want me to answer that?” when people ask for our opinions, and so on and so on.  Not only is he a great writer, but a great friend.

The real reason I am not posting his picture, is because he wasn’t feeling well and hasn’t been for awhile.  That’s HIS story to tell though, if you want to check it out.    As I said, he is a great writer, and just an all around great guy.

After eating breakfast at a little restaurant in Salem, we wondered around to find the Salem Witch Museum (my choice, not his)

I’m not going to say much about the experience, because hearing about the amount of hatred that people endured during the witchcraft trails still gives me the chills, but I did want to share this postcard.  The last room of the museum  is painted with the words on the postcard….. Very thought provoking!

Of course it was snowing in New England…AGAIN

snow in new england
Just flurries though for the time being

Let me tell you a little bit about the other two bloggers that I got to meet.

First of all there is Steve Markesich

grace and steveOf course you can read his About ME page, but I want to tell you about the man I met.  I’m not sure exactly how our path’s crossed.  ( I think he was doing the “my publisher said, I need to add as many people on social media as I can for the book I am writing thing”)  Either way, Steve’s is the first blog I ever started following.

I love the honesty, openness, and determination he displays when he writes about living with Primary Progressive MS.  MS is a nasty monster, and while I would not wish the disease on anyone, it is good to know you have people like this with you on this scary ride.  Poor Steve has also become a dear friend (didn’t know what you signed up for did you?”)  Please take a moment to check out his blog MSich Chronicles.  He does a great job of sharing how he overcomes the challenges that MS has laid at his door.

I had the privilege of meeting Karyn who writes Karyn’s Domain.

grace and karynKaryn and my paths first crossed around the time she wrote this The best blog I ever read.   She sent me a message saying that she had found my blog after reading Superman’s posts in their entirety, and looked forward to getting to know like minded people….

As many of you know lately my life has been filled with Drama, drama, drama, and I haven’t had much time for keeping up with ANY blogs, but the day after we met, I went to her website and saw this post.  (Honestly at first thought from the meme, I thought she was talking about me….lol).  This woman quit her job, and hiked the Appalachian trail!!!  How can you NOT want to know more?!?!?!  Actually , there is much more to Karyn, I encourage you to follow her on her journey as she discovers where she is headed next.  I know that I will be.

I would like to tell you that our “little get together” lasted until dawn and that we all just barely escaped being arrested for a noise disturbance.  But to tell you the truth…. we got together and just talked…..and it was perfect!  (in hindsight, they might have brought duct tape for MY Mouth)

Thank you all for making the trip and spending your time with me.  I look forward to our ongoing friendships!!!!

NOT your “Typical Blogger” Award

In my opinion, the Liebster Award and Mystery blogger and whatever name you want to call it awards are about promoting your friends or other bloggers that you follow.

Nominating someone for the award not only let’s them know that you appreciate their work,  but it helps them to grow their following. To those of you that have nominated me for the awards… THANK YOU!!! I really do appreciate it….. BUT…..

I don’t follow or play by the rules well so instead…..

I have decided to share some of my favorite blogs with you and you can decide for yourself if you want to follow.  The blogs that I have chosen to list are the ones that make me laugh the most.  I have purposefully NOT included the blogs I follow about MS, or other chronic illnesses, because today is just NOT an MS day for me.

If you have time, check them out.  Links to their blogs are in blue.  If you like their blog leave them a comment and let them know Grace sent you?

AND TO MY CHILDREN (because I know you secretly read my blog) check out the ones I have told you about 😛

Up first is HANDS DOWN my all time Favorite blog.  I love her sense of humor, her bluntness, and and and…. I will caution you though… Do not drink anything while reading her blog, I have had to replace my keyboard from the coffee spillage.  If you do check out DGGYST...don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Up next is The Incurable Dreamer.  She writes from the heart and is another that you can not drink anything while reading.  I haven’t known her as long as DG, but I have not read on post that I didn’t love.  My Favorite is the sticky side always goes down.

Next on the list is Superman.  I “met” him a little over a month ago, because he commented: “You have a shepherd. I love all dogs but GS’s are my favorite. Anyone with a GS is worth following. Great post”  My first thought was WTF?!?!  I responded saying “so you like me for my dog?…that’s a first :P…Thank you for following 🙂”  Since that time, I think I have read every post he has ever written.  ( ok and maybe I went back and read more…shhhh)  He writes everything.  I can’t put a label on it, but again, I assure you, his blog is worth a look!!!!  I can’t decide on a favorite, so I just picked one or two What If, installment 1.

And FINALLY….. Bloggingwithbojana.  I have to throw in another coffee warning here though, this time it is to drink ALOT of it before you read her posts.  (Not because they will put you to sleep, but because she really makes you think)  She is very articulate, and for those of us not so articulate DEEP!….I ponder her posts for days…..

Well there you have it, my recommendations for the “Grace loves these guys blogs”.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you have a favorite blog, or one that you think I might like, drop the link below, or send me a message please!!!  If you think someone might like mine, pimp me up!!! 😛





Pushing my buttons…. battle of the sexes

OMG, I don’t even know where to start!!!!!!  Have you ever had a “battle, argument, disagreement or whatever” with someone that started as a somewhat serious issue, but just turned into the most laughable, ignorant thing ever.   I am having so much trouble finding the words…… but Einstein has done it again…...DAMN BUTTON PUSHER!!!!

Ok So here’s the thing…. I am very very organized and have OCD about the cleanliness of my house….. most importantly things NOT being left on the floor.  I can, and frequently do, trip on air, and have broken many bones from falling etc.  ( to be honest though, I have probably always been OCD)  Either way, I hate things on the floor!!!!!

Einstein has an issue with ….you guessed it leaving things on the floor….most notably his laundry.  I have two hampers set up in our bedroom, the black one for his work clothes and the white one for everything else.  They are both right outside the bathroom, with absolutely no obstacles in their way.  So why can’t he hit the fucking thing?!??!!  There is not just one but TWO of them!!!!!  20180107_125708

Silly me thinking maybe he hadn’t been taught how to use a hamper in his lifetime, even made signs for the hampers.  I gave him a two minute instructional lecture on how to take off dirty clothes and place them in the hamper.  I have attempted to show him how easy it is to drop wet towels from his shower right into the basket.  NOTHING WORKS!!!!  Einstein is not ignorant in away way.  If nothing else, the fact that he is so successful at work, proves this.  SO Why the hell can’t he hit the hamper?!?!?

Ok, we are getting older, maybe his eyesight is starting to fail.  Maybe the fact that he has too many choices is overwhelming for him.  So I took ONE HAMPER and put it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR BEDROOM thinking “he can’t miss this”….  I come home to this…..

laundry goes inside the hamper
Laundry goes INSIDE the hamper

are you fricking kidding me?!?!??!  He took the time to lay his pants on one side, his tshirts on another and so on and so on.  ( I staged this picture, because I can’t find the original one from maybe 3 years ago)…. Yes 3 years ago!!!!  We are still having this battle!!!!!

I have tried not washing his clothes if he doesn’t hit the hamper.  ( apparently the smells from the chemicals he gets on his clothing bother me more than him though)  I have tried hamper relocation, purchasing multiple hampers etc. and am now at my wits end.  Last week after actually falling on his clothes,  I “snapped”.  I took blue painters tape, and outlined the “common areas” of our bedroom.  I told him, “If you insist on leaving your clothes on the floor, do it outside of the COMMON AREAS.  The common area is now outlined to help make this clear for you.”…… The tape is making him nuts, but he still can’t hit the hamper.  (to be honest it is kind of making me nuts too, but I really don’t know what else to do)… a bit of passive aggressiveness here….  This is what the bedroom floor looks like this morning……..20180107_125613

So now I guess I wait?   I told him that I was going to make a blog post about this.  Maybe he thinks no one will read it.  Maybe he thinks everyone will just think I am crazy?  I don’t know, but there it is….Evidence to be used against me for when I finally lose it?  To all the woman out there…… help?

….to all the guys……. Is this a guy thing?

to all the doctors (psychiatrists) ……..why does he push my buttons

and more importantly why do I let him?!?!??!

This blog is MEANT to be funny.  I can’t very well dispose of his body now that I have shared this story with the world, (and I have removed the “body” I outlined on the floor in tape) but maybe I can Push his buttons a bit, by showing him that I did indeed make a blog about this and people actually read it?  Please like this, comment, share etc.  at the very least smile and know that there is someone out there more messed up than you 😛



Not winning the mother of the year award

I will NOT be winning the “Mother of the Year” Award this year.  Before you read please note that no children or animals were actually injured during the making or telling of this story….. I’m just a Dumbass?

Apparently this is a true story, but I have no recollection of the story or leaving her at the store.

How this was brought to my attention:

The other evening my youngest daughter (THING 2) and her boyfriend came over for dinner.  I don’t know why our dinner conversations always turn into a “Let’s roast Grace” night, but they do.  I am completely ok with that though, since it is cheaper than sending everyone to counseling, and I’m usually very good at laughing at myself.

Halfway through the meal, for some reason

Thing 2 says ” Well I can tell you one thing for sure, when I am a parent, I WILL NEVER leave my daughter at Walmart.”

Grace:  I didn’t leave you at Walmart. I told you to get out of the car because you were being a monster and I couldn’t deal with it anymore.  I let you out, and drove to the back of the parking lot.

Thing 2 :  No mom, we were in the store and you walked outside and moved the car to make me think you left me there.

Grace:  What are you talking about THING 2 ?!?!?  I didn’t even go in the store with you, you were being a bratty teenager so I dropped you off and said I wasn’t going in.

Thing 2:  No MOTHER, I was 8 years old, and you walked out of the store leaving me there.

Grace:  No way would I ever have left you.  I do see me walking away if you were throwing a tantrum, but I wouldn’t have left.

Thing 2:  Okay so you didn’t ACTUALLY leave me there, but you did go outside and you DID move the car.

Grace:  Hmmm I don’t remember that.  It is possible.  But I don’t remember.

At this point Einstein and Thing 2’s boyfriend are joining in the harassment (comical, but still harassing)

Grace:  Well I don’t remember that at all, but I was talking about the time when I told you to get out of the car at Walmart because you were being a bratty teenager, and I wasn’t going in the store with you.

Thing 2:  shrug… You’re right I was a brat.  I still am, but you still shouldn’t leave your kids at the store…and you DID leave “Thing 1” there

Grace:  OMG Thing 2, What the hell are you talking about?!?!? 

Einstein wants to hear when I left HIS daughter at the store

Thing 2:  You went shopping with Thing 1 and left her there.

More harassing about my parenting skills from Einstein and Thing 2’s boyfriend.  ( please remember that both of my girls are in their 20s now and were NOT abused as children)

Grace:  Ok, quit picking on me.  I HAVE NEVER LEFT MY CHILDREN IN A STORE!….

Thing 2:  Yes mom you did.  You WENT to the store WITH Thing 1, finished your shopping and got it the car to go home.  While you were driving, Thing 1 called you and asked where you were.  You told her that you were just driving home from shopping at Walmart…. you completely forgot that you had taken her with you and you LEFT HER there.

Grace: Silence…followed by NO??????…. more silence….No fricking way!

Thing 2:  Do you want me to call Thing 1 to ask her?

Did I mention NO Fricking way in hell I forget that I had gone shopping with my kid, let alone EVER leave one of them at a store?!?!?  Einstein and Thing 2’s boyfriend started chanting …”Do it…Do it…Call thing 1 NOW!!!!

Grace:  Yes go ahead and call her.  SMH…..

Thing 2 dialed the phone and put Thing 1 on speaker….

Thing 1: Hello

Thing 2: Hi thing 1, do you remember when you went shopping with mom and she left you at the store?

Thing 1: Yeah, Why?

Grace: Seriously?!?!?!?  NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She said “Yeah, why?” like it’s something I did all the time.  Apparently, a couple years ago, we went to Walmart TOGETHER, got separated, and I didn’t think anything of it.  I finished my shopping and went home.  When I was halfway home she sent me a text saying “where are you” (meaning in the store) and I responded ” I just finished shopping at Walmart, and I’m on my way home”…..

Thing 1:  Um Mom, did you forget that I went to Walmart with you?

I am still shaking my head about this.  I honestly don’t remember the event at all, and I would think that it would be one of my bigger fuck ups.  The girls have no reason to lie though.  I guess I won’t be getting a mother of the year award anytime soon.  😦

Have any of you ever done something you can not possibly fathom you doing and don’t have recollection of? ( without influence of drugs or alcohol)  Please share your story with me!!!!!  Misery loves company….. I should add that later that same day Thing 1 sent me this meme….different mom



Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAY!!!!

Two months ago, I decided to start a blog…this entire post is about my experiences in the last two months as I have challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone.  (kind of like a roller coaster ride)

Today’s personal challenge was to make an unedited video and post it.  TBH,  I have been thinking about it for about a month now, and talking myself out of it for one reason or another……. but I finally jumped and did it.

Before you watch the video, if you choose to, let me again state that there is no real point to the video, except that I needed to challenge myself to do something I was afraid of and I did it and it didn’t kill me…..YET.… my stomach is still in knots….

I began my blog/ website (whatever the technical term is about 2 months ago.)  I originally had thoughts about writing about Multiple Sclerosis, but what did I want to write about?  That it sucks?  Yes it does!  Ok, so not that….

How do you make the most of your life in spite of having MS?   Better…maybe.   So I decided to start there.  Please keep in mind, I also just jumped into the blog thing.  I had never heard of wordpress, and while I have taken a couple classes in html programming, I have never put my knowledge into practice.  I created an account on, paid $8.00 a month upfront for a year and then my mind went completely blank.  Oh shit now what?  This was my first blog post. 

I laughed so hard that day.  I was proud of myself for FINALLY taking that first step.  It just felt good.  I  spent the next couple of weeks writing SOMETHING almost everyday, but I could never focus on just one subject, some posts were about MS, some were technology struggles as I continued to dig into blogging concepts, some were just random rants about life.

After being in the blogging world for about a month, I realized that what I was actually trying to do is to Put myself out there, and to connect with other people.  I have enjoyed chatting with other bloggers and hearing their struggles.  I have met other people that are living with autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses, and learned how they deal with life on a day to day basis.  I’ve made new friendships with “millennials”, and I have learned alot about myself in the process.  Most importantly, I have learned that I want to learn everything about everything, and I need to slow down a bit.

I still don’t have a topic to blog about, or a niche, other than reaching out to people, talking about my life, and learning about others.  If any of that sounds cool to you, say hello, let’s talk and get to know each other.  I’ve put myself out there, as scary as it was, so now it’s your turn.  I don’t mean hey let’s talk on the phone everyday or anything, but I mean let’s talk…really talk about any and everything….ok well maybe not anything, but maybe you get my point…..

Ok so now for the infamous, Link to COMPLETELY POINTLESS FIRST VIDEO

Again, posting this was a personal challenge for me.  I can already think of 5,000 things I could have or should have done.  But there it is…..