Challenge accepted

Why switching to self- hosted was a bad idea for me.

Before I tell you why it was a bad idea, let me first tell you why I tried to switch.

The pros of going self hosted

  1.  You have more control of your site.
  2. You can choose different add-on and plug-ins etc.    I was most interested in the updrafts plus plug in which does continuous back ups of your entire website for free.  I also wanted to check out the Yoast SEO plug in. Finally, I needed options to control the bots and spam that were attacking my blog.

On July 19th, I made my decision to make the switch to Siteground.  On July 20th, I jumped.  Siteground said, “we will do all the work for you”.  They didn’t 😦

The first thing that happened is I lost my theme.  Okay that I knew might be a possibility, no biggie.  The next thing that happened was I got an email from siteground that I needed to this and I needed to that with no direction on how to do the things they were asking.  Hours were spent on google and wordpress support channel, and the forums at

After I finally got all of my content moved to siteground, I lost 98% of my followers.  My posts were no longer appearing in reader, nor were emails being sent.  Once those issues seemed to be functioning at 50%, people were unable to comment, and the ones that were able to comment, couldn’t see when I responded to them.  I don’t sell anything on my blog, the whole reason I write a blog is the interaction with all the great people I have met, and without that there is no point.

On August 7th, I wrote that the verdict was still out on whether switching was worth it and gave some reasons I was struggling with the change.  After reviewing my stats since I made the change and seeing that I was getting an average of 10 hits a day versus the usual 100 or more I normally got each day, I found some liquid courage (Yah Coors Light)  LOTS OF IT and transferred everything back to, ALL BY MYSELF.  Since I did learn alot during this process I won’t call it a total waste.  But I also can not on any level recommend siteground, nor risking the loss of your followers by making a switch.

^400 words Billy 🙂 and no more Bitching….  Can we call it a draw? Instead….

Thank you to all my friends both in real life and in the blogosphere that have helped me test the changes and have stayed by my side.  I have missed everyone so much!