“K” blog…challenge accepted

At 5:03 my time, my best friend sent me the above meme.  Did I mention he was my best friend?   Ok so this is the whole message “Saw this today and had to laugh. Do you remember back many many years ago. I used to put “K” for okay and you told me how much that bothered you. So, from then on I put “Okay” instead. Now you put “K” and I still use “Okay” – roll reversal – lol – the fun and crazy times we have had together!! (hug)”  My first thought is HELL NO I DON’T, although I did ask him “Really I do?”…. he said “yes you do….lol”…. after thinking for about 1/2 a second, I called BUNK….. Texting just “K” drives me bad shit crazy, no way would I do that to him.

Einstein looked over from his computer, read what my friend had written and said, “Yes you do”…Again BULLSHIT!!!! So I challenged both of them to prove it…. find one fricking time I have ever just replied with a “K”.  As of the time I started writing this, Gary went back to through our skype chat records all the way back to MARCH of this year and could not find one example where I had just said “K”.  Einstein scrolled through our text messages back til July and found a day that I had said “K” but it was intentional.  More about that later though.  I told them both that I would get a blog post out before they could provide me with proof of their accusations so that is what I am attempting….and the race is on…..

The whole point is that I would write them both a message either on skype or text and they would simply reply “K”.  My message would be so long with emotions and all that shit like I had a really bad day and I need to talk tonight, or I don’t feel like making dinner tonight because I got MS is Winning today and I NEEDED to hear “tomorrow is a new day, or you’ve got this”…which I assumed they both should know since I have absolutely no self confidence.  Ok, Ok, I should have been more clear about what I needed…hindsight and all that, but either way both heard my opinion on using “K” on numerous occasions.  My opinion on the use of “K” is that it is a GREAT BIG FUCK YOU.  Followed by I don’t have time for you etc etc.  So I know for a FACT, I wouldn’t say that.

In both of their defenses, they have stopped doing it, and I really appreciate them respecting my feelings, however irrational they are.  Over the years, I have also realized that it doesn’t really mean fuck you, or I don’t have time for you.  They were at least taking time to acknowledge what I had said.  Gary, being the bestest friend in the whole world ever sent that to me tonight to let me know he is recovering from his recent surgeries.  Einstein jumped in…well I’m not really sure why he jumped in, maybe just to prove me wrong.  He went back to July and showed me an example of when I had said, “K”.  (I even said it six times in one conversation.)  Because I keep things real, I will include that…but let me also add that we were talking about sex and as I said “K” to me meant FUCK YOU, so it was playful and flirtatious and I don’t really think it counts, but it is there….

How do you all feel when someone texts you “K”?  Especially when you have asked a question or spilled your heart?  I’m just curious.  I have my IV tomorrow and have no energy to do anything other than sit here at the computer or watch tv until my daughter comes by.

I am hitting publish now, and neither of them have provided proof…. so “K” you both 😛