Still, I have no words…can you help?

I don’t know if you remember my post from January, Holding on when I talked about a young mother, losing her life WAY TOO SOON and not knowing how to comfort those left behind.  Although I know there is no way to FIX This tragedy,  I do believe that it’s important for Brandon to share his grief and to know that he is NOT ALONE.  I have met so many wonderful friends in this blogosphere and I am asking you to listen to and read his story and if you can please let him know that he is NOT ALONE in this.  I have included a link a blog he created last night.  Thank you all in advance

I’ve started writing this post 4 times in 4 different ways. True to form, my crazy brain makes me keep deleting it and starting over. I want to tell the story of my wife and I, i want the whole world to know that I am nothing without her and that I don’t want […]

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Personal Goals

Sometimes I feel like my brain is a blender, random thoughts going around at high speeds so that I can’t focus on any one thing.  To combat the craziness, and try to slow my thoughts down, I write notes everywhere: on my phone, on post- its, in any number of notebooks….I call them Ramblings.  I do believe the actual ACT of writing things down, does help to slow things down a bit.

I have spent the last week gathering all of my Ramblings, and compiling them all into one GINORMOUS list.  After having a minor (ok it was major) panic attack.  I have chosen a few items to focus on during the rest of the month.  You have to start somewhere right?

My focus for the month of October:

  1. Losing weight and improving my health
  2. Continuing to learn WordPress and webpage design
  3. Cleaning out my closet ( finishing something that I started a long time ago)


Losing weight – The goal is to weigh less than 150 lbs by the end of October.  I plan to follow the Grapefruit Diet at least 2 of the 3 days out of each week, drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day, and to walk everyday with my ultimate goal of being able to walk a mile a day.  (I’m still pondering if the goal is one mile without taking a break or just walking at LEAST a mile every day but I figure some movement is better than none right?

Continuing to learn wordpress– I WANTED to make this a page.  I think that’s what is called.  I wanted to make a link to this in the bookmark bar with a child page? of October goals maybe post my status or results?  I haven’t learned how to do that yet, so that simple feature is my goal for this month. Oh yeah and how to move pictures and headings around, I’m still playing with that.

xstitch goal

Cleaning out my closet– I own 4 of these seasonal cross stitch patterns, one for each season.  I used to do cross stitch a lot while waiting at doctors appointments and when I was in the wheelchair to try to keep my mind busy with something other than feeling sorry for myself.  Since I have been more active, they have lived in a shoebox.  It seems sad to let all the time and money I spent on them to go to waste, so I pulled out the Autumn one and made the goal to finish the part I TRIED to outline ( somehow I ended up with an eraser to do it but it will work for my purpose) shrug.

I believe that making goals, even if they a small goals is a positive start.  I don’t want to make a tremendous list and set myself up to fail.  So I have baby steps on making a few areas of my life more manageable.  Wish me luck?!