Open Mouth Insert Foot

I think I’ve said it 100000000000 times before.  I am a “fixer”.  You can’t do it?  That’s ok, I’ve got it, or here let me help.

OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT.  open mouth insert foot

Maybe bend over so I can kick you in the ass?!?!?

Stop doing that Grace!!!!!!!

This weeks “I’ve got this” involves offering to keep a grieving family’s dog for them while they work on funeral arrangements and finding a new place to live.

I thought, oh never mind what I thought…. The moral of the story is “It’s too much”.

While I’m glad I was able to help “a little”, I need to take care of myself and my animals (2 dogs and 3 cats).  I need to practice some of this “self-love” stuff I keep hearing about.  (Thank you D.G.)  I would seriously pay you to be my therapist, if I didn’t have to spend some much money cleaning up the coffee spilling damages 😛


No Pole Dancing Here

As I begin to write, I’m stuck on a name for this post.  Officially it should be No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Part II, click here for part one ,but as I am thinking about how my “I only have ONE doctor today, so I am going to spend the rest of the day relaxing day”, turned into time at the Village Hall, a police report and a call from my State representative’s office regarding that damn utility pole issue, I am at a loss for what to call this post.  Mi vida loca? Don’t visit your daughter’s house?  Keep Walking Grace etc etc.  Oh and I should probably mention that in all that chaos, I never even made it to the doctor’s office.  I forgot to call which is so uncharacteristic for me they called me three times to see if I was ok…..SMH

So yesterday morning, as I was having my coffee, fantasizing about my relaxing day, I remembered that my daughter had an important meeting that afternoon.  I thought to myself, “I should call and amp her up for this”.  I knew she was nervous about the meeting, and it might be helpful to try to boost her confidence.  Then I remembered who I was talking about, my kid?  she wasn’t out of bed yet.  If I called her, she was gonna to first yell at me for waking her up.  Next she was going to say “I KNOW MOTHER”. and so on and so on.

Ok Plan B.  I would instead call her neighbor (my old neighbor and walking buddy) to try to convince her to take a walk outside in our barely above freezing temperature weather with me.  (ANYTHING beats walking on the treadmill and you only live once right?)  Fortunately for me, she was game.  Ok maybe unfortunately for me, because this started the ball rolling.

I sent my kiddo a text explaining that I was going for a walk with “L” and that I was going to pop in while I was in town if that was ok.  Surprisingly she responded OK, (better than K or FINE MOTHER) and I headed out the door.  I parked in my old driveway, headed over to L’s and we started to walk.  While walking we played the “quick tell me everything that has happened in your life in the past 3 weeks game”.  ( I really have to work on keeping in touch better)  Finally the conversation turned to Frontier.  She explained to me that she had called the utility company 4 different times and they had sent out 4 different people to “access” the situation.  Each time a new person came, they brought a bigger truck, but no one actually did anything. HUH? WTF?!?!?  When she was done telling me about all the calls, and looked at me with pleading eyes, I blurted out…. “Do you want me to take a turn, or carry the ‘ball’ for a little bit?”

L was MORE THAN EAGER to hand me pages of notes, ticket numbers etc.  We finished our walk, I wished her well on the road trip she was taking that day, said hello to my kiddo, gave her a quick but unnecessary pep talk, grabbed my phone to take some pictures and headed out the door.

As I walked around the house, trying not to trip on the wire that was hanging down, this is what I saw……pic 2 As I got closer, I realized the wire on the right seemed to be the only thing holding the pole up….. um that wire is connected to MY HOUSE.  MY house is holding up the pole?!?!?!? UN NO!!!  (my house, my daughters house same difference… long story for another rant)

pulling off my soffitNow I was pissed!  Seriously?!?!??! While Frontier was out doing “nothing” they couldn’t have at least cut the phone line so it wasn’t damaging my house?!?!?  I was going to call them right then and there but hey guess what….only 16% battery left on my phone…..argh.   (I had a brief thought that I should get a landline since my cell phone battery is always dead, but I assure you it would never be from Frontier)  Instead, I would go home, charge my phone for a bit and call frontier from my couch.

As I left my old house, I had to drive by the Village Hall….hmmm wth…”maybe they thought I was exaggerating when I had originally called about the line?”  I decided to stop in and show them pictures.  Yah Yvonne was working again, and she did remember my original call to their office.  I insisted that she look at the pictures on my phone before my battery died.  When she saw them, she admitted that it was worse that she had imagined and was surprised as hell that no one had done anything.  She asked me to email her the pics and she would see if she could help.

I put my phone on the charger while I was driving home.  (I finally had enough battery to email the pictures but probably not enough yet to fight with Frontier)…… As I sat watching the phone waiting for it to charge ( yes the whole watched pot thing) , it occurred to me that someone was going to have to fix my soffit.  I wasn’t climbing on a ladder again to do it.  Shit this probably meant a homeowner’s claim etc etc. Which would probably mean a police report needed to be filed……OMG!!!!  So much for the relaxing day.

I called the non emergency number for the sheriff, where the operator advised me that yes I should file a report, but I would have to be at my/ my kiddo’s house to do it.  Fine Fine…back in the car…. I let my daughter know the police would be coming and what I had transpired. (she wasn’t suprised)  I let my old neighbor know I would be coming back by if she wanted to add anything to the report.  ( she just laughed and laughed)… Ok well I volunteered right?

When the officer arrived and we were walking around the side of the house, he literally pulled me back to keep me away from a possible live wire.  I couldn’t resist, and reached out and grabbed the phone line, telling him “don’t worry it’s JUST A phone line.”  The look on his face…. PRICELESS.… but I digress….

The officer accessed the damage and identified all of the utility lines and then informed me he couldn’t take a report for property damage because there was no criminal intent…… You have got to be kidding me?!?!?!??! 

What about negligence and and and?!?!?  When I stopped ranting I realized he was just standing there smiling at me.  He couldn’t officially file a ‘property damage’ report, but he COULD and WOULD be contacting Frontier himself insisting that this was a hazard and they needed to come out immediately.  (ok ok touche, he got me back for grabbing the line)

The officer sat in my driveway making his phone calls. ( I guess snuff is pretty scary looking, especially when I am stressed)  He gave me a ticket number, follow up phone numbers, and his word that someone should be out soon, since he had declared it an emergency.

I still had an hour before I had to pick Einstein up from work, so I chatted with my daughter’s boyfriend for a bit, and then received what I thought was a telemarketing call from IL Representative so and so’s office telling me that the Village had filed a claim against Frontier and that they would be stepping in to handle this.

SHOCKED EXPRESSION PICTURE HERE!!!!  (I’m sorry I am really to tired to search for one), but I will update this when I’m feeling better.

I think I am still kind of shocked.  I never expected this to get this big.  Seriously?!? Someone finally heard me?!?!?  It’s only been a month!!!!! snarl grrrr etc.  But someone who could actually get something done was getting involved?!?!?!?  Wow! Awesome!!!

I drove home feeling ecstatic.  (Ok exhausted but ecstatic too.)  I had the best intentions of writing an incredible blog post, about another adventure and the fact that there are good people in the world, and the squeaky wheel…something or other, and and and….. but I crashed….. I fricking hate slump week!!!!!  Oh well there was always tomorrow right?

So today is “tomorrow”.  My old neighbor said the pole still looks the same, but the State Representative’s office called to tell me, that it would be resolved today.  She really is a great lady.  She made sure I had her email, phone number, alternate number etc.  It still surprises the hell out of me when a complete stranger goes the extra mile just because.  Over the next week, I will have to write a Thank you letter to her, because she was so helpful, but for now I wait.  We shall see.  Now I am all done writing and I still don’t have a title for this post…..Any suggestions?  Please?

No Good Deed goes Unpunished

ONE OF THESE DAYS….. yeah right…. I would like to think that ONE OF THESE DAYS I will learn to just walk away….. but on December 7th of this year I didn’t…..

For the record, today is December 17, 2017, and the issue is still causing me a slight headache.

What happened

I went to my daughter’s house to pick up my dogs, and noticed a very large black utility cable hanging down from her neighbor’s house onto the ground.  Keep walking Grace, just keep walking….. but NO! I decide to follow the cable and realize a utility pole in my daughter’s back yard is now at a 60? degree angle instead of the  90 degree angle it should be…. hmmm why didn’t I just keep walking?!?!?  Visions of injured children, “sue- happy” citizens, and a possible fire hazard all flashed through my brain…..FUCK!

I knocked on the neighbors door, no one home.  My daughter wasn’t home (which was why I was picking up the dogs)….. Ok ok, I can call someone,… but who do you call?  I had 32% battery onmy phone, so let’s hope I pick the right place.  Not an actual emergency, so not the police.  I don’t know what kind of line it is…gas, electric, cable, and I’m sure as hell not gonna touch it to find out, so I decide on the Village.  I google the phone number for the village and spoke with a woman named Yvonne.  I explained I was at my daughter’s house and noticed that the pole was falling and that there was some kind of line on the ground and that maybe they wanted to call someone and let them know.  She insisted that I needed to call Com Ed (the electric company) and let them know……

Why did I need to call?  This wasn’t my house.

What if it isn’t an electric line?

Couldn’t they send someone out to investigate?

She responded that Com Ed handled all utility line reports, so I needed to call them.

I hung up shaking my head (already knowing that I would need to cancel my plans for the rest of the afternoon) because this was gonna be a long one……

I called Com Ed, and was disconnected 3 times for pressing the incorrect choices on the automated system ( apparently if you don’t want new service, don’t have a current account number, and don’t want to speak spanish, they don’t want to help you) before I reached a live person.  (Well they were speaking, so I assumed they were alive, but after our call I do question whether there was an actual heartbeat or brain activity there.) I was advised that they would send someone out sometime to check it out.  SOMEONE? SOMETIME?!?!?  Seriously?!?!? Someone could get hurt, or again in this “sue happy” country…SUED.  How about you send someone now?

cable downFine Fine, I will check it out myself!  I went back out to see if I could determine what type of utility line it was.  I followed the line to the neighbor’s house and concluded that it LOOKED like MAYBE it was a phone line???? (I still wasn’t going to touch it)  I had no idea what company handled land line service since I haven’t had one in years, back to google….Yeah my phone didn’t like that……. 19% battery left. UGH!

Now a call to Frontier.  I don’t even remember how many times I was disconnected before getting a live person this time, or how long it took me to explain who I was and why I was calling.  DOES IT REALLY MATTER WHO THE HELL I AM?  I am a good person, trying to do a good thing.  After literally an hour of being transferred from one department to the next, they finally said that they would send someone out.  As they were giving me the reference number my phone turned off.  You have got to be kidding me!!!!!! 0% battery!   SMH…. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath….well I tried.  I think it is more than most people would have done, and have since learned why.

I went to go back into my daughter’s house to get the dogs, only to realize that my keys were locked inside.  It’s winter in Illinois and most of the neighbors have gone south for the season.  Now what?!?!?  It would be kind of pointless to try to walk to call someone since I don’t actually know anyone’s phone numbers, (they are all stored in my currently dead phone). and God forbid I fell on the way.  So I sat and waited.  Waited for my daughter’s boyfriend to get home and let me back in…..

During those 3 hours I repeated….Mind your own business Grace, just keep walking Grace…. but I know that I won’t.  It’s who I am.  I care, I get involved.  Even telling myself that “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” won’t stop me.  I will still take off my coat for someone that is cold, even if I am freezing.  I will continue taking in stray animals, even though I already own 5.  I have thought that maybe I am a masochist…maybe I am?  Either way I am who I am.

I went home on the 7th feeling that at least I tried.  No one had shown up while I was there.  I WASTED? 4 hours of my life, and it is still not fixed.  The pole is still leaning, the cable is still on the ground, but I tried.  There is a little bright orange traffic cone on the cable where it meets the ground, for all the good it will cone

A fellow blogger reached out to me to say “Hi” today, (I assume because I haven’t been writing lately) and it gave me a push to do a brain dump again.  THANK YOU “you who shall remain nameless at the moment”!!!

I have been trying to work up the courage to do a “live video” of some sort to introduce myself, so I haven’t been writing much while I am learning about Facebook live and youtube.  My goal is to do some sort of “Hi, this is me” video this week.  I have so many questions that I would like to ask fellow bloggers that I follow , maybe you have wondered the same things about me?