Well that didn’t go as planned

Well that didn’t go as planned.   I never made it back to the computer yesterday. While finishing my coffee, I was reading a frantic post from a fellow MSer in one of the FB groups I belong to.  She was scared and having a panic attack.  (I really hate those!!)  One cup of coffee turned into 2 and so on.  Once this person was calmed down, I felt better.  I don’t know if I am the one who helped her or not, but I felt better that at least I tried.

After I finally showered, my old neighbor called and reminded me that I had asked her to go for a walk because I am trying to lose weight, an old friend called reminding me that I still had not met his 5 month old foster daughter and he finally had a day off of work so I could, and the bedding that I had to wash turned into 6 other loads of laundry.  Considering that just getting out of bed some days is tough, I had a very productive day.

By the end of the day…

I did walk almost ½ a mile before needing assistance.  (the goal for this year is to increase that to a mile)

I had an incredible visit with my friend and his kiddos.

I substituted a newly purchased e cig for a couple of cigarettes

Most importantly though, I remembered that Tomorrow would be a new day and to focus on what I had accomplished instead of what didn’t get done.

By the beginning of next week I hope to have more focused goals for losing weight, quitting smoking, watching a few more wordpress videos, and making a budget.

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