Happy Birthday to ME

When you were younger, I am willing to bet that you eagerly awaited your birthday each year.  Hopefully, you had at least a few very memorable ones.  Maybe some cake and ice cream?  Friends and family over?

So why do we stop celebrating them as we get older?  So many people say, “It’s just another day.”  or “It’s no big deal.”

I call bullshit.  Birthdays are the anniversary of your birth.  A milestone that you have SURVIVED another year.  You’ve reached a new level in the ‘game’ called life.

Today I am LEVEL 46 and I am asking you all to celebrate with me.

I don’t have anything BIG planned for this year.  No major parties.  I’m not going on another adventure.  I am just going to be.  I am going to be grateful.

The only reason I can see to STOP celebrating your birthday is MAYBE when you are no longer alive.  Even then I don’t really see the reason.  I still celebrate my friends and family members that have passed birthdays.  For example, every Sept 21, my late Grandmother’s bday, I buy a hamburger and strawberry shake from McDonalds.  I then spend some time reliving some of my fondest memories of our times together.

Did I mention cake?  Who doesn’t like cake?!?!?

So today is my Birthday, at some point I will see my girls.  We are going out for dinner on the 10th to celebrate all the birthdays together. Thing one will be 28 on the 11th. Her and her hubby are going to a concert that evening, AFTER I bring her a cake.  I am staying the night with my grandson’s that evening. Thing two will be 22 on the 12th.  She has to work all day, but I will be waiting at her house when she gets home with Cake also.  Not quite the sugar coma we faced last year during The birthday week, but there has to be cake!

Thank you for joining me today!





24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME

  1. I have never been one that likes celebrating my birthday, but I enjoy celebrating other people’s birthday! I will be more than happy to join you in celebrating your birthday because I think today is a very special day! Here’s to a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special young lady we all love!!!!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I am going to steal your idea and celebrate my late mother-in-law’s birthday from now on, instead of just let it pass with silent conjecture that maybe my husband feels a little extra crappy so I ought to be a little extra nice. We both miss her! It’s been decades, and I’ve still never met a woman anywhere near as fabulous as she was. I will ask him what he might think she would like us to do. I hope he will say she would like us to return to her childhood beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  3. Oh noooo, I’m late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    I’m drafting my own birthday post & I’m finding it really, really difficult because birthdays seem to depress me!
    Happy Birthday in advance to thing 1 and 2. I think a joint celebration sounds like a brilliant idea. And a sugar coma is pretty much an obligatory thing 😉
    I’ll raise a glass, and a large slice of cake – To you, my friend, on another year – you rock! 🌷 ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Caz, thank you! Please let me wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I understand that birthdays can be depressing, in fact they used to depress me too. I used to think oh shit, I’m xxx old and haven’t accomplished xxxxxx yet etc. Then I realized I have 364 other days a year to beat myself up if I want to, but dammit for ONE DAY a year I am going to be a little nicer to myself, and I’m going to tell everyone around me that they have to be nice to me too! 😛 Please be nice to yourself on your birthday. Be proud of all the things you have done! I for one am very glad that you’re here!!!

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  4. You are right. Birthdays should be celebrated. I’m coming up on 88, and I intend to get just a bit tipsy on wine and overload my calorie allotment with cake. So for you, my friend, I’m sending you my very best imaginary pudding cake with whipped lemon frosting and strawberries on top. Happy Birthday, and many, many more! May we never stop celebrating.


    1. I am so happy to hear that you will be celebrating your birthday! Level 88 is quite an accomplishment! While I literally started drooling over the cake you “sent ” me, I would like to see you achieve 88 and will not threaten to send you anything I have made 🙂 Thank you Barbara!

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  5. oh my goodness, i am so sorry that I am late with my birthday wishes! I hope your day was great and that you were able to drag the celebration out for at least a week!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! May it be a wonderful year!

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