Update on October Goals

As I look back on the month of October and where I stand with accomplishing the goals I made for myself I realize I am happy with the results.  To see my October Goals, click here: October Goals.

150I did make it under 150 lbs. Seriously! The scale said 149.8!!!!  I jumped off to get my phone to take a picture but apparently the  phone weighs 100 lbs… (I mean about half a pound.)  GRRRRR!  But YAH ME!  AND I learned many things in the process, so I count that as a win.

As far as learning wordpress, I had intended to watch endless hours of videos and read every article that I could find. ( very unrealistic I know) Instead, I just continued to write and click buttons.  I have learned a bit more about putting in a link, and how to move pictures around with word wrap.  (not perfect still, but again a win)  I have also met so many new people, and found a couple of blogs that I enjoy.  So that’s a double win! 😛  But most of all I am having a blast, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

The final goal I had was working on my cross-stitch.  I thought I would have finished the entire lower left corner that I had outlined in my picture. (HA HA, more than a little unrealistic)  I actually did get a lot done on it though, considering everything else that has been going on.

As I sat looking at the chart deciding where to go next, I realized that there are so many “pieces of the puzzle”, that it didn’t really matter where I started, as long as I started and continued working on it.  I had forgotten that focusing on the pattern helped me to FOCUS on something when my mind was doing it’s “blender thing”.  So I’m gonna count that as a win too.

I think there is some unwritten self sabotaging law out there that says for everything you cross off your to do list, 5 more “to do’s” appear.  I’m am determined not to let myself  be burdened by that. I have a “General Goal” for November, and the rest of my life. Continue moving forward.  Making small goals, and moving forward to accomplish those goals has given me a boost in my otherwise lacking self confidence.  I need to work on Trusting myself and remembering that the only person I am in competition with is myself.  Competition to try new things, and to be a better person than I was yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Update on October Goals

  1. I am so happy for you that you achieved the weight you wanted. Don’t pay attention to the phone weighing too much! You should be proud of yourself!!

    I know it is really hard to read all the posts and watch all the videos you want to, but reading and watching a few that you want to is really good! I try to read about 5-8 a day and make comments. I can not keep up with as many people as I would want but we do what we can!

    That is very exciting about your cross stitch! It is looking great! I honestly know absolutely nothing about how to cross stitch, I can crochet and have been working on a blanket. I think crocheting is relaxing!
    I LOVE your November go of continue moving forward, I think that is the best goal one can have ever heard!!! Continue to move forward is so logical, looking at the past is not helpful, because you can not change the best but you can change the outcome of the future!

    Always, Alyssa


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