Will I ever learn?

Will I ever learn patience or to slow down?

Nope, probably not.  (Hey don’t shoot me, I’m being honest here)  My whole life I have struggled with patience, and I have always been “in a hurry”.  When My MS is at it’s worst though, my body won’t allow me to be impatient or in a hurry, and when I  try to, I get hurt.

Yes I got hurt again 😦

I got hurt, but I’m not dead.  I will explain what happened in just a moment, and you can even “yell” at me if you think it will help, but first let me explain, well try to explain why I did it.

So I wrote the other day that a trailer “fell into my lap”.  I had help for a couple hours, I moved what I set out to do and that’s all I was going to do.  My dad told me that since he thought he was having surgery the trailer was free for a couple weeks, and I might as well  have the kids drop it at Einstein’s since he wouldn’t be using it.  (That way I could take a “slow and steady approach” to loading it.)  Thing 2 and her boyfriend “D” dropped the trailer off in Einstein’s driveway for me, when they were done moving the bikes.

Just because I am proud of my daughter I took a video of her backing the trailer in.  This is funny to me because “D” doesn’t “trust her” to drive HIS Truck, but knows she is better at backing up a trailer than he is….That’s MY GIRL!!!!   but I digress….


The temperature changed, not just the outside weather temperature, but the temperature in Einstein’s house wasn’t as frigid.   I will write more about that another time and in another place, ( I think a new blog is coming ) but the verbal knives weren’t flying anymore and I started “getting cold feet” about leaving, so I HAD TO GO.

Einstein had been complaining about where the trailer was parked, and had even tried to move it by hand….  I did not say out loud “THAT”S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN”….but it did inspire me to make a call….

There was help available. A young man that I had friended a year or two ago while I was taking classes, was willing to help me move.  We will call him “J”. (He said, “Hell I’ve got a truck, trailer, and plenty of friends”)  just pick a day.  That’s something that I would say, not something I am used to hearing so….ok “How about NOW?” came out of my mouth.

and that’s how it all began……

When you have help you take it!!!!  “BUT don’t you EVER take help without working your ass off just as hard as the person who is giving you help!!!!”  This one I think was literally beat into my ass as a kid, so no way is it going away anytime soon.

Einstein was NOT happy that I was having a “DATE” (as he called it ) over to help me move, so it was only “J” and no friends.  Einstein moved most of my furniture to the doorway in preparation.  (Did I mention a new blog coming soon?….when I don’t live in HIS house)


So the trailer was quickly loaded, and my car was filled, and off I went.  Almost all of my furniture that can not be strategically shoved in my car has been “deposited” in my new place.  (Of course it wasn’t until I had set up my big comfy couch that I realized there is no electricity run to the wall of the west side of the “living room”)  But that is another story for a different day.

So what did I do?

I worked my ass off!!!!….and then some….I THOUGHT I broke my foot again.  I remember the doctor saying, “this is going to hurt a bit”, as he stuck a needle in my foot.  There was quite a bit of pain.  (enough to make me vomit and then pass out)  His orders were keep it elevated and iced all day.  Back in the boot or use your wheelchair for one week…and of course take these drugs.  I give in, not up, but I give in…for now.

The “moral” of the story is I did what needed to be done and now my body says IT’S done.  I didn’t PURPOSELY over do it or rush.  It’s so hard not to “overdo it” when you ARE feeling well, considering you KNOW that the “NOT feeling well” is just around the corner.

27 thoughts on “Will I ever learn?

  1. As someone who ‘gets’ the whole do-more-when-you’re-well and still does-too-much-when-not-well, I don’t think I would have done it any differently. I do think, though, that times like this make us take a step back and slow down because, well, there’s literally no choice. I’m just so sorry you’ve ended up in such a state again but I’m glad it’s not broken (again). The conditions on the link sounds like inflammatory ones so the icing and elevation make sense. Please take care of yourself and try to enjoy the break your body will get while you’re ‘giving in’ for a little while. xx

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    1. While I’m sitting this weekend I think I’m going to work on a post about what I “hear” when I tell myself to slow down….its kind of like when the GPS gives me an eta…and I face it as a “time to beat”


    1. Heh he’s a fireman and make light work of all the lifting so no injuries to him…as far as why Einstein is jealous if you figure that out let me know…but ftr Einstein is jealous of everyone….i am coming to learn that that is his issue and not mine…he has even been jealous of my dogs

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  2. Hmmmm……wonder if I’ll be as bad as you whenever I get around to moving. Of course, I can’t carry anything that requires two arms because my balance is so bad, but I’m sure I’ll do something that will make K yell at me, or put me in traction.

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      1. and THAT was my problem…. I have “heard” that if you HIRE someone to do the moving for you, there is less guilt about trying to sit like a bump on the log, but I’ve honestly never tried that route

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      1. You have just made me cry! Tears of joy for you… forever thankful I was able to help in some small way. So proud of you for making a huge life-altering decision! Are you safe? Please be safe. Leaving can be a scary time. My thoughts are with you. <3Kim

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