Watch out Boston….Here I come

We “descend” on Boston at 9 am next Wednesday

When I started planning this trip in January, I had hoped to document and share any tools or tricks that I had learned to make traveling with MS easier, but then…..well you know, LIFE HAPPENED….. The last couple of months have been filled with so many life changing events, that I could barely make it through the present let alone write about it.

The week after I purchased our Airfare to Boston, I started investigating whether or not to rent a car while we were there.  The AAA  guide book I ordered says, and I quote….

Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed, “We say the cows laid out Boston.  Well, there are worse surveyors.”  Emerson, of course, never had to drive through the city.  Downtown- occupying a peninsula surrounded by the Charles River, Boston Inner Harbor and Fort Point Channel- is a challenging place for residents, let alone visitors, to negotiate by vehicle.  Furthermore, Boston drivers are legendary for their aggressiveness.

This kind of makes me wonder what AAA says about Chicago drivers.  (I am tempted to see if my picture appears somewhere as an example of aggressive.)

Ok, So we are NOT RENTING A CAR!!!.

Public Transportation or

A couple of people suggested using for rides instead of relying on the MBTA.  “It’s just like taking a cab” they said.  (One person even offered that we would have less of a chance of sitting in CUM STAINS with Uber) EWWWWW!!!  I guess I should have mentioned that I have also never taken a cab before.  I grew up beyond the sticks- literally in the middle of nowhere.  Public transportation did not exist.  Remember the post about riding a horse on a subway?

I have to learn everything I can about everything, so after spending almost an hour on their website reading all the FAQ’s, I entered a “test” route to check rates.  The rate was almost $30.00!  I can drive this same distance in my car in 20 minutes and it only costs me $25.00 to fill my whole tank.  I was shocked!  People actually do this?!?!….ahhh but I guess you would have to pay for parking etc if you didn’t?!?!?   I am hoping the rates for Uber are cheaper in Boston, but just in case….

We decided to stay close to the Boston Convention Center, (the actual purpose of our trip).  I began to investigate hotels within walking distance of the convention center.  OUCH, just ouch!   A ” simple” google search “hotels near the Boston Convention Center” produced  1,060,000 results (0.87 seconds).  Of course I had to investigate them ALL…., Expedia, Orbitz,, kayak to name a few.  I couldn’t find anything for less than $200.00 a night.   After a couple days of this, I stumbled on

What is

For those of you not familiar with the explanation on wikipedia is here: What is Airbnb?, they also have pages and pages of FAQ’s on their website At first glance, I was a little intimidated by the thought of staying in a strangers house or apartment, so I just bookmarked the site to go back to .  I looked at hotels in other cities for cheaper prices, but they included an hour or more time on the train to and from Boston…… Ok staying at a strangers house it is……  Well a couple of different stranger’s houses, but I will have to write more about that later.

I have given both my kids names, addresses, contact information etc in case I get “lost”.  Can you think of anything I am forgetting?  Do you think Boston will leave an impression on me, or that I will leave an impression on Boston?








16 thoughts on “Watch out Boston….Here I come

  1. Uber rocks. Rent one with a human driver.
    You’re going to have a blast no matter what you decide there. Can’t wait to read all about it!
    P.S. Be careful where you sit. Stains can be anywhere. 😉

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  2. You will LOVE Boston. The sheer quirkiness. The train is so very easy to take! Uber is an excellent way to travel. And Yes, Airbnb? Never tried so cannot comment. Download the Boston transit, everything is set up by color… I have been on that train a few times, but my very first trip to Boston, my sister wanted to teach me a lesson (she’s like that) so she said take the train to… blah, blah… I’ll pick you up from there. She didn’t ‘feel’ like driving in the city. So NOT renting a car is a good idea. My hubs drives Uber. You are safe! ~Kim

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    1. I downloaded the transit app, unfortunately when I try to “practice” it keeps using chicago…will have to play with it more when I get there I guess…lol
      Your sister sounds like most of my friends. I’m excited and up for an adventure…so we shall see

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  3. You will, without doubt, leave a fiery and wonderful impression on Boston! It needs your brand of fierce, Grace! I lived in Boston for 5 years and I loved it! It was super fun, totally manageable, as cities go, and easy to get around. I never encountered any stains on the T (Boston for Subway), but I was in my 20’s , so I may have just been oblivious. I take Uber and Lyft everywhere (the Los Angeles busses are revolting and scary and I just couldn’t deal any more) and have had no problems. You are going to have a blast! Can’t wait to read about it!

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  4. I think you will have a great time in Boston. It is going to be a fun and exciting experience for you and I think it will be a good one! Of course just be safe and be very alert to everything around you! I think I would prefer an Uber because you are only in the car with yourself and whoever you are with. It just might be a little more comfortable! The food in Boston is pretty good as well, so enjoy it all!!! I can’t wait to read all about your adventure!!

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  5. The google maps app on your phone has a taxi option (drive, walk, hail a cab). If you put in the to/from destinations it will give you the uber fares. However, these vary depending on time of day/traffic congestion. Have an excellent trip! I’ve never been but have family there and from their pics on social media it looks like an incredible city rich with history. I would definitely take a tour or two. 🙂

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    1. Ty for the Google maps tip, I just tried to pull it up on my phone, but since I live in the middle of nowhere it says transit info unavailable, will have to try again while I’m waiting at the airport…. It will be an adventure I am sure, and I can’t wait!!!

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