My Italian Adventure part 3

As you know, nothing about my trip (adventure) so far had gone as planned.  Arriving in Italy was no exception.  Well I did arrive, AND both of my bags arrived, so there is that.  I had a little over an hour before I would need to catch a bus Daniela’s hometown., so I headed for the caffe, and successfully ordered a tall black american coffee.  Not perfect but, I said “caffè americano senza crema o zucchero”,  what I received was a small cappucino…. I would like to say that coffee is coffee, but I would be lying.  I drank what was given to me and after 20 minutes went back to the line and just asked for 3 shots of espresso in English.  The girl responded, “are you sure?”…. Yes I was sure.  and this time I got what I asked for.  YAY!

I went outside to catch my bus and fortunately did so without issue.  Within 20 mins of our departure, I had to laugh when I saw this…..silly parking

I have never seen cars parked facing opposite directions on the same side of the street other than in Europe.  Is this an all over Europe thing?

I arrived in Bergamo without issue, other than being a 1/2 hour late.  After the hugs, kisses etc though I knew my First order of business a nap for a couple of hours!… Ok well after making it into the house….lol


Daniela thought it might be easier for me to come DOWN the stairs, rather than try to climb UP them, so they parked at the top to drop me off. (I am sure there is a youtube video out there somewhere of the nutty American climbing down the steps with a boot on.)  YES everyone came out to watch and for some reason, EVERYONE also seemed to know I was an American without me even opening my mouth…Maybe it was the white socks?

A couple hour nap was just what I needed to get on track.  I went to bed at a normal time that night and was good as new the next morning!  That is until I dropped my damn phone in the toilet….smh

The views from my room and the balcony over the next week…..

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Tomorrow I will share some of the very big differences that I observed in Italian Culture versus American.  If you have a moment please check back because I would really like to discuss some of the things I saw.  Are the differences Italian vs. American?  Are they young  versus old?  Is this city versus country etc?



8 thoughts on “My Italian Adventure part 3

  1. Lovely views! I’m in the UK and cars always park facing either direction on the street. It does mean if you want to park on the other side of where you’re driving that you have to wait for a break in traffic and then probably hold people up while you park, but it’s doable. A nap as soon as you got there would have been my plan too, but dropping your phone down the toilet obviously wasn’t on your to-do list! 😂xx

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