370K spam comments in one day

I swear to anyone listening that no one can make this shit up!  If anyone wonders, why I swear so much….this is ONE example.

No that is not a typo!….. What it is, is just my luck!….  I spent a good hour yesterday emptying my spam folder.  (even with bulk edit, it only lets you empty 20 at a time).  I had almost 2000 comments in spam, so it did take awhile.minus 17

I don’t know if you can read that, but when I was done yesterday it said I had -17 spam comments.  Not sure how they came up with that number either, like I said just my luck?

When I signed into WP this afternoon after running all my errands this morning, I had 370K370k spam

Before I was done chatting with “WP support”  I had another 7000.

When I started writing this I thought I was “gonna go off” about this, but to tell you the truth now, I am just plain exhausted.  Below is a copy of the chat with wp:

I emptied my spam folder yesterday and today I have 370k comments in spam. Can you do a mass delete for me?


Hi there!


What type of spam are you talking about please? Is it comment spam?


Ok, Comments can be managed via the WP Admin area of your site here:


Click on that link and then on Comments tab on the left bar.

You can then select the spam comments and at the top of the comments list

that is what i did yesterday and I deleted all the spam comments 20 at a time

i got 370k overnight

I see.

In this case I advise you to blacklist this spam source

how do I do that?

You can do that by coping the email address of the spam comment and pasting it in the Blacklist textarea in this settings page here:


the messages are coming from no email address

Do you have an example for me to help you?

You may copy the IP address as well.

I mean instead of the email address.

you cant sign into my account?

ip is the www address?

The IP address appears below the comment author’s gravatar

The IP address is a number

I’ll send you a screenshot, hang on, please.

i think i found it

how do you add multiple ip addresses

Ok, one per line

and is there not a way to do a “mass dump”?

Actually no, the same IP needs to be added just once.

czadh@gxjyt.bo 6 minutes ago·www.herpescured.com


they are all different ip addresses

I advise you to activate the comments option that makes name and email required.

i just want to make sure you are telling me I have to add them all manually? there isn’t on dump all spam bucket

Yes, that’s correct.



There isn’t a way to add those IPs or emails automatically.

We already have an anti-spam tool

I thought so too, but why did I get so many?

askimet right?

it is working but the comments that passes through it, they need to be marked as spam or blacklisted manually.

Yes, correct.

ok, well ty for your time, I apparently have a lot of work to do

I think this comment option is really important to activate.

but it still wont dump the ones there

No, it’s just to avoid that amount of spam.

In the future

one last question

Sure thing!

sarcastic question

has anyone else ever had that much spam in one day

or am i just lucky?

I can’t tell, but making name and email requirements, makes it more difficult to robots send spams

Ok ty for your help. Have a nice day

Did I mention you can’t make this shit up?!?!?

Needless to say, I am NOT going to go through an add all of those ip addresses, and I am kind of disappointment that they were not able to help other than to suggest that I only let people with a wp account comment.  That is what I have done for now.

I was thinking of switching to self hosted next month, maybe things will change for the better then.  In the meantime, I apologize if you can’t comment on a post.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this?  Help? Advice? Tips?

30 thoughts on “370K spam comments in one day

  1. I had this happen to me a few years ago. Two things stopped it.
    One ……. Block any IP address that is repeated.
    Two …… Go through all your comments and delete every anonymous comment even if it seems to be genuine. I had four anonymous comments in 7000. Took ages to go through, but the deluge finally stopped.

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    1. I forgot. In your dashboard/comments a quick way to search for anonymous in your comments is to type anonymous (or what ever name you have used) in the search box and they should all come up.


  2. SPAM!

    On Tue, Jul 10, 2018, 3:37 PM MS Graceful…NOT! wrote:

    > msgracefulnot posted: “I swear to anyone listening that no one can make > this shit up! If anyone wonders, why I swear so much….this is ONE > example. No that is not a typo!….. What it is, is just my luck!…. I > spent a good hour yesterday emptying my spam folder. (even wit” >


  3. So…I get these all the time. Blacklisting helps them go to spam and those will erase themselves after a while. Mine in the app do anyhow. Also, the ip or whatever isnt really necessary because all that does is send it to spam where its already going. But what i was going to say is that it was easy to identify common chunks of texts or certain letters in the bots spamming you. Fot example, eh hem, i had to add “sexy”, “xxx”, and about four others as phrases to block in my blacklist area…not surprisingly they were all different addresses and all from russian dating skype sites and tons of people are getting them. Anyhow…longwinded, but in essence…my spam folder empties itself after a few weeks if you want to wait and save some trouble!

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  4. Oh and im reading my comment and I meant “So, I get these all the time, and…”

    I didnt mean it like “So!?? I get these all the time!” I agree its a crappy system and ive written them SO much about this and nary a response have I heard!

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      1. I was reading the chat and thinking he/she was answering your questions so literally…”do i have to manually delete?”…”well, yes” as in if you want them gone *now*, lol. But then he didn’t mention the rest 😂 Anywho, it may take 30 days like a typical email spam folder but they’ll go byebye.

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    1. Tanya, did you see the black and white picture challenge I tagged you in? I was talking with Steve from Msich chronicles today and he said he did the coffee spit thing too reading the sticky side goes up. In case no one told you today, you are fricking awesome, and hilarious 🙂

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  5. Sweetie I had this happen recently and it was painfully annoying! It was a few bullshit names that I had no idea what they were even saying. I just kept dealing them because I did not know what else to do. Did you talk to WP support?

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      1. When I was first noticing it, I asked a fellow blogger if she noticed this happening. The funny thing is she did and it was the same weirdo with her as well! Now I check my spam daily and rid the weird bullshit!

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  6. A plugin like “Easy WP Cleaner” might help you delete the entire folder at once. I haven’t tried it but a quick search brought that one up and it looks like it could help.

    Also, by clicking the “Comment author must fill out name and email” people can still comment who follow those rules, even if they don’t have a WP account. Like the supporter said it would probably help. When I first started my blog I googled “how should I set up my comments” and did what I found; I hardly get any spam at all.

    If you do have to go slow and steady, I recommend beer and Billy Squier to help pass the time. Good luck!

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